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A Singing Star

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Rainbow Magic meets My Little Pony. Be transported to the enchanted island of Chevalia for princesses, ponies and magical adventure: someone has stolen Princess Diva's singing voice. Can Pippa and her best friend Stardust find it?

While Pippa is happy she's been given a part in the school play, she's having trouble with her lines. If she can't deliver them in rehearsals, what will she be like in the real thing? Perhaps she can pick up some tips at the forthcoming Royal Pony Performance . . .

On the magical island of Chevalia, it isn't just her own voice that Pippa needs to look for. Someone has stolen the sensational singing voice of superstar songstress Diva, and thinking that she is nothing without her talent, Diva is totally devastated. Can Pippa and her princess pony friend Stardust find the thief before Diva stops believing in herself?

About the Author

Chloe Ryder lives on a farm for thoroughbred and rescue horses. When she's not caring for the horses, she rides them across the hills surrounding her house. Chloe is one of the very few who know the true location of the magical island Chevalia. She is also the alter ego of Julie Sykes, award-winning author of over 60 books for children. Julie lives in Hampshire with her family and their pet wolf.

The Skylark Is Singing

RRP $32.99

Khalid has escaped from his unknown captors and by devious means discovers the whereabouts of Stratton's secret lair. Fortunately his arrival has been anticipated and following a violent struggle he is recaptured by 'Special Forces' personnel, aided by an unknown individual who appears on the scene unexpectedly. Arthur discovers an ancient mine working which gives access to Stratton's underground base and with the aid of the military he enters the cavern. Here the group discover a huge quantity of gold bars, still contained with wooden packing cases. Some cases have been forced open and are now empty. Someone, it seems, has already helped themselves to much of the gold. The question is, who? As well as how? Simon's suspicions that Stratton has other reasons besides gold, for hiding himself away in the cavern, gradually become justified. Stratton is suddenly attacked by an unknown race of people who use their ability to manipulate time, in an attempt to gain revenge on the deranged scientist. The attack is quickly concluded and the military as well as police take over the cavern. Stratton however, escapes through an obviously prearranged route and seems to vanish without trace. Sometime later a conference is held at police headquarters. Here both Stratton and Simon reveal their true identities. Once again, Stratton escapes, this time in spectacular fashion and yet he again eludes his pursuers. Eventually he is tracked to the Australian outback where he is killed when his light aircraft crashes during a storm. The question as to whether or not he was alone at the time proves tricky to answer with any degree of certainty. Even an Aboriginal tracker cannot be certain. But, the scenes he witnesses out in the remote outback would answer many questions!

A Curriculum Guide For A Star Curiously Singing

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This curriculum guide is designed to maximize the literary benefits of the novel, A Star Curiously Singing.Included in the curriculum guide is:

  • A student/teacher lesson plan with a day by day schedule for all reading, writing and creative assignments.
  • Chapter by chapter discussion questions.
  • Vocabulary bookmarks.
  • Bible verse research & application.
  • And more...


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